Eyelash Glue Kit
My Icon, Bright Pro or Pure Power? Our new limited edition premium glue package is available! Three technologically advanced, different glues are in one package to help you make an easy decision. Find your favourite!
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New Product!
Introducing our Best Brows Pro TINT REMOVER! Gentle but effective formula to aid in the removal of stains on skin after brow tinting. For best results use immediately after treatment. You'll definitely love it!
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Fruity Primer Kit
Fragranced with the sweet aroma of fruits, this degreasing primer solution offers maximum degreasing potential and helps with the adhesion of eyelash glue. The kit contains 3*15 ml primer with banana, grape and strawberry scent.
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New training website!
The online trainings have been moved to a new page. Your login details have not changed, you can access your purchased trainings with your previously used username and password. Take a look at our renewed site and browse our professional trainings!
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Up to 70% off
If you want to try our lash collections or you'd like to stock up this is the best time! You can choose from our Rhomboid Cashmere Flat, Volume Premium Mink and Matte Glossy Edition collections with up to 70% off now. We're waiting for you with various curls and sizes
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Our products are available to order worldwide, through our webshop. We are not only promoting and selling professionally recognised high quality specialist products, but we also offer professional courses and training to beginners and experts in the industry.

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Are you a stylist who would love to become a Best Lashes Pro or Best Brows Pro brand ambassador? If so, don’t hesitate to apply our Brand Ambassador Programme! We are on the hunt for global lash experts who are really keen to use our products and love our brand as much as we do!