Anti-allergy Gel

Did you know that the vapour of eyelash glue can cause allergic reactions through the ears and nose? This anti-allergy gel has been formulated to help prevent this from occurring as it refreshes the air around you when applying lashes and filters the vapour and evaporation of the glue that is being used. Helping to neutralise the odours, this gel helps to minimise the development of irritations and allergies. Simply place it next to yourself opened while working to keep those allergies and irritations at bay. As this is only a preventive method, we would also highly recommend to wear a mask too, covering the mouth and nose for complete protection.

This anti-allergy gel comes in an 80 ml size as standard and we would suggest replacing it every 8-10 weeks for maximum effect and allergy prevention.

*PLEASE NOTE – this won’t protect any clients who already suffer from allergies from a potential reaction.*


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