Best Brows Professional Brow Ink

Best Brows Professional Brow Ink is richly-pigmented brow gel to give fuller-looking, and more defined brows that last up to 24 hours. This ink formula can be applied directly to the hair and skin. Th small sized brush allows you a more natural finish. Brow gel adds volume and dimension to the brows.

How can you use?

Fill in the front of the brow towards the arch using remaining product on brush. Repeat these steps for fuller coverage.

To fill in areas of spareness: Using the tip of the brush, apply product directly to skin, then blend in to the brow.

Ombre effect: Starting at the arch, apply Best Brows Professional Brow Ink and move toward the tail. Move in the direction of hair’s natural growth.

  • For white, grey or coloured hair, select the shade that most closely matches the natural hair colour.
  • You can also use on tattooed eyebrows.

The product made without parabens. No animal tested.


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