The Glue Lock

Have you ever worried about the lash adhesive running up the fan and closing it? Do you want to get rid of this problem? Good news! The Glue Lock has arrived, and it will be the favourite product of pro eyelash stylists!

How it works

The Glue Lock prevents the adhesive running up the fan, so using it will stop the eyelash fans from closing. You can use it with any eyelash adhesive.

How to use

Before application, use the brush to apply The Glue Lock on the lash strip on the first 1mm of the lashes. Then you can start working as usual.

Pro tip:

When the room temperature is up to 22 degrees, re-apply twice a day.

When the room temperature is more than 22 degrees, re-apply when you see that fans no longer stay open.

Vegan product.

Professional use only. Keep away from children.


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